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We're a modern digital marketing agency

Your Brand is our Reputation - Together, We're Invested.

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We'll turn your
into sales

Our process is simple, we have wonderful conversations and ask deep and meaninful questions. The ideas that flow from the answers turn into magical business transformations.

How we work in 3 simple steps:

  • We have a wonderful conversation.

  • We ask questions to better understand if we can add value.

  • We execute with meticulous precision.

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    We'll Help You Grow

    If you have a Brand, a poduct or a service and you want to grow, have a conversation with us.

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    Fast delivery, don't worry about delays ever again

    Have you ever had to wait days, even weeks to get a service performed? That’s now in the past. Our team makes sure you get your delivery as fast as possible.

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    Marketing and sales, done the right way!

    We provide a one-stop-shop marketing soluton. That's one online platform for all your marketing needs. We call it Marketing Suite. It's all you need to double your online revenue.

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    Detailed daily reports and statistics

    Know exactly where your money is being invested, what is the ROI, and what’s the best way to keep scaling your business. Stop guessing about your marketing and install MarketingSuite.

    Our team

    We're a small team but we're a hard working team. We're committed and dedicated to our client's Brands.

    SharkDog Michael Finn

    Alan Bonner

    Team Lead

    SharkDog Jane Rodgers

    Jane Rodgers

    Web Designer

    SharkDog Dotty Turner

    "Dotty" Turner

    Graphic Designer

    SharkDog Austin Higgins

    Austin Higgins

    Media Buyer

    SharkDog Team

    Our clients

    We don't like blowing our own trumpet - fortunately we don't have to!

    SharkDog Quotes

    Sharkdog were instrumental at the start of my business journey. I really don't know how I would have got off the ground without them. Thankfully, we've never looked back.

    Ross C

    Dumfries, United Kingdom

    SharkDog Quotes

    I was nervous to engage with Sharkdog, I really liked the team and their ideas, but I'm in Australia and they're in Scotland. My worries were all for nothing, they're excellent.

    Stephen H

    Brisbane, Australia

    SharkDog Quotes

    We work in a very difficult industry with lots of regulation and red-tape. The Sharkdog team went above and beyond to understand not just our challenges, but our industry as well.

    Kenneth F

    Cambridge, United Kingdom

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